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Let's open a conversation with your soul.
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Let your journey begin with a soul reading.

I offer soul seekers a magical chance to interpret what’s coming up for you and how to discover, manifest, develop and walk your soul purpose.

This self-awareness will empower you to action your desires and unleashes your inner wisdom, courage and self-belief to live from the soul.

If you are ready to make sense of the magic of your soul story I would be honoured to guide your healing journey along the path.

I act as a sounding board between you and your soul. Understanding why things are happening to you is vital as it reveals a deeper meaning behind the intuitive hunches, feelings and emotions so that you can take action, heal and follow your soul calling.

Working with soul seekers all around the world I have witnessed how intuitive support and divine counselling moves them from fear and crippling feelings of unworthiness about where they feel they are and where their dreams and aspirations are leading them to embody the infinite potential of the soul.

About Me

My mission is to provide a safe space of self-exploration and learning to follow the signs, answering the bigger questions like “who am I”, “ why am I here” , “ why does this keep happening to me” or “how can I truly follow the dreams and contribute in a unique way to build a better future.” Unwrapping the gift of you awakens you to the passion and purpose that lies within the cavern of your soul.

My intuitive gift lies in being an empathic soul who is truly able to listen to your soul and convey with clarity what your soul has in store for you!

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What others have to say

~ Patricia, Nurse


“It was very personal and an accurate account of how I was feeling, and confirmation and acknowledgement that I wasn’t losing my marbles. It gave me direction on the steps I needed to take. I felt supported and loved and in touch with the real me within. This heavenly acknowledgement affirmed, my gifts and now I am advertising my first workshop and I’m excited and curious about where the journey takes me.”  

~ Suzanne, Homemaker


“I booked a reading with Julianna as I was struggling trying to make a decision in my personal life.  I was hoping for some guidance in my relationship. What I got was so much more. Julianna connected the dots between what happened to me and my purpose. The reading reminded me of my self-worth and brought me within to love and cherish myself. It was the greatest gift I could have ever received. I feel blessed to have met her.”