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This is exciting! Your soul has drawn us together for a reason. Energy never lies.
Let's Trust The Energy & Connect

Let your journey begin with a CuRiosity CALL.


Are you at a crossroads feeling unsure of where to turn? Maybe your facing big challenges that are making you feel, drained, overwhelmed, confused and feel frightened you might take the wrong path? Your life is precious and your soul has a unique plan and destiny.  Your soul has the answers 

I offer you the chance to connect deeply with your soul, and with the aid of your guides you will discover and understand your Soul Plan so you find those answers, and live the life you came here for. It’s an amazing and powerful Soul guidance and energy healing consultation to clarify your life purpose and understand the dynamics between two people romantically, family or work colleagues.  

Discovering your Soul Plan brings emotional balance and self-awareness to your sensitivities and triggers.  It allows you to find answers to questions like “who Am I”, “what have I come here for”? As “The Empath Coach”, my intuitive guidance,will help you to heal and transform your triggers  and empathic nature to shine from the inside out.  

 Being able to “Make sense & Accept Yourself”  will raise your vibration, ditch people pleasing, empowering good decisions and the confidence to Be the True You. Uncovering your soul gifts and talents is THE NEXT STEP to manifest your desires, unleashing your inner wisdom, courage and self-belief to live a Soul-led life. 

Working as an International Soul Reader for over a decade, I have witnessed how intuitive support and clarity around your soul gifts and destiny moves you from crippling feelings of unworthiness, feeling ungrounded and endless people pleasing to managing your emotions, manifesting your future dreams to embody the true You 

 It’s Time To Live Your Unique Soul Story


I would be honoured to guide your healing journey along the path.

Let's Open and guide you to Explore your soul Plan

Words of praise for Julianna Jay's work

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What others have to say

~ Patricia, Nurse


“It was very personal and an accurate account of how I was feeling, and confirmation and acknowledgement that I wasn’t losing my marbles. It gave me direction on the steps I needed to take. I felt supported and loved and in touch with the real me within. This heavenly acknowledgement affirmed, my gifts and now I am advertising my first workshop and I’m excited and curious about where the journey takes me.”  

~ Suzanne, Homemaker


“I booked a Soul Plan with Julianna as I was struggling trying to make a decision in my personal life.  I was hoping for some guidance in my relationship. What I got was so much more. Julianna connected the dots between what happened to me and my purpose. The reading reminded me of my self-worth and brought me within to love and cherish myself. It was the greatest gift I could have ever received. I feel blessed to have met her.

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