Your soul knows the answers. Connecting to your soul will bring answers.

I can help you to find clarity, direction and purpose on your path through working with me one on one in The Soul Clinic or through my training programs for awakened sensitive souls in The Soul School.

My Mission

My mission is to provide a safe space of self-exploration and learning to follow the signs, answering the bigger questions like “who am I”, “ why am I here” , “ why does this keep happening to me” or “how can I truly follow the dreams and contribute in a unique way to build a better future.”   Unwrapping the gift of you awakens you to the passion and purpose that lies within the cavern of your soul.

As “the Empaths coach” with the amazing privilege and gift of being a soul reader, I act as a sounding board between you and your soul. Understanding why things are happening to you is vital as it reduces anxiety and reveals and relieves overwhelm through understanding the deeper meaning behind the intuitive hunches, feelings and emotions so that you can take accept action and follow your soul calling.

Working with soul seekers all around the world I have witnessed how the intuitive support and divine counselling that comes from connecting with the soul and being supported by a fellow empath moves them from fear and crippling feelings of unworthiness about where they feel they are stuck right now to remembering their infinite potential. This bridge between their limiting beliefs and their dreams offers the empowerment and self-belief to realise and live their dreams to the fullest.

Accessing higher perspective to uncover the answers reclaims the self-worth so you no longer people please, being taken for granted and remain stuck. Having a clear vision and clarity brings about better relationships and positivity and purpose in all aspects of your life and ignites the passion, courage and conviction into realising your potential and living your true soul purpose. 

To step from feeling lost into empowerment you must clear away the blind spots and feeling of unworthiness that challenge your intuitive abilities and self-belief. My work provides a safe space to heal from past hurts and the divine power, loving support and inspiration to change your life now. 

Sometimes we do not even know where we are losing power in our relationships and working life.

I know how the bumpy road to spiritual awakening gets! My awakening was the most terrifying, shape-shifting journey of my life. Leaving the corporate world, I felt intrigued by spirituality and the whispers from my soul but yet alone as I walked my way through the unknown.

 As an empath, everything opened up energetically and my old world shifted unimaginably like the big bang. I had a ground-breaking outer body experience which changed my life and sprung me into a world I had never expected. As I began to feel at one with nature and the world, I became increasingly sensitive to people emotions which raided me energetically and I found it hard to find my balance. 

I could feel the old me changing and I felt I was heading down my soul path with no map to guide me. I longed for a safe space to look for divine guidance and insights to find answers to the Universal questions, to help me to make sense of my journey and the unseen realm that was propelling me forth on my spiritual journey. 

I longed to have a safe place to learn about how to manage the overwhelm and exhaustion that comes from being a highly sensitive empath in tune with the Universal energies. What I have learnt I now share. Many of the things I was shown by Source are ground-breaking and so simple yet effective energy saving tools and techniques that balance the energy and allow you to connect deeply.