Professional Training to become a Reader and Channel

Online class - Healing others through the Akashic Records

Empowerment to become a Confident Reader with Julianna Jay Take your healing to the next level?

You are invited to join me on a ground-breaking journey to learn to become a reader and channel. This course promises a self-healing journey for the empathic healer where boundaries will be strengthened, psychic hygiene will be enhanced. You will learn to feel grounded and protected by the divine light as you share your precious gifts as you learn to open and read the Akashic records for others brining healing of past and present wounds around the world. 

Whether you’re an experienced medium or one that is just dipping their toes in the waters, this program will take you to new heights with your Mediumship abilities and your business! Julianna is here to help you step by step to learn everything she did along the way.

The 12 week training program that will give you the tools and confidence you need to immerse yourself into the world of Spirit. You’ll learn to give readings and loving messages to clients all over the world.

She will teach you all of the dos and don’ts, ins and outs of creating a successful spiritually-minded business to help you heal the world with thousands of clients at a time!

A message from Julianna…

And here we are …

The year is 2022 and we are still navigating our way through so many strange and unusual times.

But for many Mediums, Healers and Psychics they have been feeling the shifts and changes for so long this just may seem par for the course.

If you’ve found yourself on this page it’s likely because you are no longer willing to settle.
You are tired of living a life that has a half full cup, many unanswered questions and a direction that seems foggy or hazy at times.

Now, more than ever, you need to take a leap of faith and do what you were meant to do your entire lifetime.
Develop your gifts and use them for yourself and/or others.

The saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.”
It’s true, I can lead you to the water of Spirit, but I can’t make you drink.

Spirit has lead you to this page, now you have to take the leap of faith.

But I promise to be there every step of the way,

All my love,

It’s uniquely designed for those who get messages  healers, counsellors, coaches, healers, nurses, family care givers, or anyone whose life revolves around helping others to overcome obstacles, heal from past traumas, anxiety or depression by holding a healing space of support, understanding and guidance.

Here are some clues that you are an Empath:

  • Unlike Any Other Mediumship Training!

    You’ll learn how to connect to Spirit but more importantly how to keep the connection strong, clear and healthy for you and the Spirit on the other side. This is a complete program teaching you the business side of Spirit as well!

    There are 15 core weekly learning Modules, that contain video and audio lessons, audio meditations, and homework.

    At the end of these 15  weeks, you are able to do a 30-day practicum that works with your schedule, and at your own pace. This will ensure you receive the certification certificate. This certificate lets your clients know you have learned from a reputable world renowned Medium who has taught you to be a professional and how to clearly connect to the other side.

    The practicum can be done at any time whenever you’re ready! 

If you’re nodding your head, these are all signs and symptoms that you are an empath, with possible heavy energy in your solar plexus chakra holding your energy stuck and affecting your emotional and mental wellbeing as well.

Being a sponge and soaking up toxic energy that’s not yours is no fun and damaging!!!

Imagine if there was a way to stop the following things from happening to you:

  • Having to spend money going for energy clearing after healing others
  • Watching others moving forward with their healing but your still stuck
  • Being emotionally affected by the moon and ending up in bed 
  • Finding it hard to handle manipulative behaviour and narcissists.
  • Undervaluing your healing gift
  • Putting yourself last as other people needs seem more important

This course offers simple tools and techniques to relieve these symptoms and help you to trust your spiritual gifts, share your healing gifts without feeling overloaded, inadequate or overwhelmed

Look, the walk I walked is no walk in the park. And becoming who I am today has been a bumpy journey. I am an Empath too….

As you can imagine at the beginning doing soul readings as a Divine messenger made me feel so uncomfortable. I was scared that no one would come, no one would resonate with the messages and no one would trust or believe in my gift. I realised I was my own worst critic. I had to learn to trust Source.

 Working so intimately as I read from another person’s soul brough up all kind of clearing and releasing and sometimes the energy of others often transmuted or filtered through me.  I would feel on top of the world or floored after a session. Everyone’s energy was different and I felt defenceless to these waves of energy and often felt like a sponge. I went to the ends of the earth from teacher to teacher to banish this empathic trait.

What I learned was I was never intended to banish them, I was intended to embrace them and learn to work with them, balance and nurturing myself through ritual, self-care tools and technique that worked for me.

As a reflexologist I literally felt the client’s pain and became one with their mood and energy and emotions. This was not healthy for me. They felt lighter and I took on all of their stuff. 

Over time I investigated ways of healing the empathic healer in me so I could do my work and come home and be with my family without feeling wiped out. I tacked my tendency to transmute and allow energy transfer to control me. Day by day by putting in the work, and constantly learning and practicing more and more about grounding, protection, meditating I learnt that my energy was my currency and how to spend it wisely so I didn’t burnout. This is the freedom I want for you too.


What will I learn in this class?

During this Masterclass I’ll guide you to use the following powerful daily tools and simple techniques to empower you:
Each day you’ll receive a profound spiritual message from Source to deepen your understanding of your empathic healing super power 

Day 1: Explore & the link between the empath & your soul purpose

Day 2: Learn to trust your sixth sense working with and guided by Source energy

Day 3: Enhance Psychic hygiene:  BE PREPARED Get your First Aid energy Kit READY

Day 4: Create healthy client boundaries to prevent transmutation

Day 5: Embrace self-worth, enhance psychic abilities & intuitive powers

Day 6: Let Go & Let God, cut the ties & realign your sovereignty 

Day 7: Cleanse and purify your aura & healing space

Where and when is this taking place

This is a self-paced online course and so you can tune in and listen to this course material anytime within the membership platform of the day or night on any device. You will get your unique login details upon purchase. Please make sure to safe them for easy access.

If you miss a class don’t worry as you can access the replay at your leisure.

The class and meditations will remain at your disposal throughout the year so you can revisit them over and over again when you feel exhausted or out of balance. 

What can I expect?

The course material is gifted to me as channel by Source aka the ‘Upstairs Crew’, so that I can share it with you. It contains new ground-breaking tools and techniques that you can use immediately .  The work we do together will give you a newfound freedom, which will allow you to:

Receive an authentic awakening to higher spiritual intelligence, offering transformational concepts, inspiring ideas, spiritual truths about your empathic nature. The teachings will:

  • Heal your solar plexus and balance your mood swings 
  • Gain the confidence you have been searching for
  • Find an energetic tool box you can trust 
  •  Expect a profound healing and magnifying of your healing gift and the courage to share your empathic traits leaving your legacy of love in the world!
  • Balance your energy in the presence of the angelic beings of light.
  • Take your power back in your life
  • Bring your healing out into the world.
  • Own your truth and finding the self-confidence to dare to shine


an online Master class allowing easy access to video tutorials

This Master class will take place online through the website allowing easy access to video tutorials.

Once you purchase this program you have a lifetime membership. 


  • This self-paced spiritual development course is a life-changing experience.
  • Your time commitment daily will be 20 minutes per day which can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • Videos are pre-recorded for your convenience so you can do your mediation and enjoy your daily wisdom and teachings anytime and anywhere.  

Commitment to your healing program is vital. However if you miss a day don’t worry as you can follow this program at your own pace and playing them in the comfort of your own space and leisure time.

There is lifetime access to this course material so you can come back and back to the wisdom contained in it as you bloom and grow.

Empowered Energy Training for Empathic Souls

Price  €300 Limited offer €150 until Aug 2nd 2022


I’m ready to feel grounded, protected and share my gifts with the world! 

Cost, of course, €300

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Register for Empowerment Energy Training for Empathic Souls ​

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