Soul Readings

Soul readings offer a unique and life changing
conversation with your guides, your Soul and the Universe.

Light your true path to follow your soul

A Soul Reading is a sacred space

Intuitive Guidance and professional Spiritual Coaching to set your path straight.


Being stuck and frustrated isn’t serving you on any level and is stopping you from stepping in to the life that you want to be living…. I’ve delivered these messages now for so many others just like you and I KNOW that they have life changing results.

If you’ve found this message today and feel pulled to finally get clear and come back into alignment with your soul, book in for a session with me, where together we’ll uncover the truth to what you need right now to move forward!

This profound spiritual experience offers that conversation with the Universe that you have been waiting for to awaken your vision of who you are. It identifies the infinite possibilities within you while revealing patterns, shadows and limiting beliefs that hold you back from stepping into healthy relationships and work-life balance living as the true you!

This mind-blowing information from Source offers deep healing, learning and wisdom no matter how complicated or painful the lessons have been? This new perspective on the lessons being shown arms you with the answers you need so you can let go of old patterns, beliefs and habits that are holding you back from living your dreams. 


No more second guessing! I'll guide you to:

  • Truly explore if you’re living your true soul purpose.
  • Feel energized, passionate and inspired by your work without feeling drained.
  • Be able to support your clients and family in a balanced and grounded way without the risk of emotional overwhelm or feeling used.
  • Become clear on which relationships are serving you at a soul level and which ones you need to let go as they no longer serve your soul.
  • Make sense of the feelings and random intuitive hit’s, dreams or past life issues that happen but you struggle to male sense of 
  • Understand why the re-occurring feelings of over people pleasing, feeling abandoned, feeling stuck and anxiety keep coming up for you robbing your joy

As a curious, intuitive human being tuned into the Universal signs you sense it is natural to have deep burning questions. The “ah ha” moments that come when we really “get it” make the journey so worthwhile but when we can’t make sense of it the frustration can drive you nuts and send you around in circles thinking you are losing it.

Your soul knows the answers!

As your soul whisperer I connect you with your soul to interpret and affirm your inner wisdom and knowledge so you can trust your intuition.

If you long to see the answers to your relationship issues, soul path issues that are confusing you right now written down in black and white my sacred gift will provide this for you right now!

I offer you a personalised letter from your soul to clarifying your unique soul mission. You will treasure this letter of guidance forever. The words bring comfort helping to heal past wounds that have clouded your self-belief. As your spiritual life coach your session includes a professional coaching consultation with me ( that’s always empathic) where we can make sense of this letter breaking through any emotional ties or feelings of lack of self worth that need to be released to illuminate your path.

I help you to find answers by interpreting the signs you are feeling. This makes sense of what’s coming up to you and the lessons you’re being shown, building your self-confidence and inner trust, supporting you in the decision you need to make and helping along your true path. 

 Armed with this clarity, you can step forth with focus feeling grounded in your intentions, manifesting with the Universe the steps you wish to take to move forward to live an extraordinary and rewarding life with meaning


My intuitive gift lies in being an empathic soul who is truly able to listen to your soul and convey with clarity what your soul has in store for you and I'm professionally trained to coach you!

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with many psychics, light workers, healers and empaths and change-makers and what I know is that trying to figure out your way forward from a ‘head’ level is like being attached to an invisible battery drainer wrecking your headspace. 

It depletes you and takes you further away from coming to ‘know’ and understand your truth. What you need right now is clarity to connect you deeply with the inner wisdom of your soul to finally make sense of the ‘shoulder taps’ you’re getting to truly flow and flourish mentally, emotionally and soulfully  in life. 


It’s time to remove that blindspot that is blocking you from seeing clearly and loving. 

This beautiful conversation with the universe will really help you to affirm and make sense of your gifts and find the divine confirmation and acknowledgement and confidence coaching you to take THE NEXT STEP!

Book this profound spiritual experience to Overcome Self-Doubt & Step Uninhibited into Your highest purpose

As The Empath Coach and Soul guide, I can help you by intuitively downloading a SIGNPOST FROM THE SOUL Letter from YOUR GUIDES! This is known as Soul Reading. I then hold space for a coaching call to walk you through the soul guidance so you can feel clear and supported while walking your path.  This interchange is invaluable and can truly transform your life.

Sessions are conducted live online in a private Zoom room or Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.  As an experienced divine messenger a soul session is a deeply personal experience of divine love.  As a loving messenger the messages are never scary but gift empowerment and a celestial loving energy to lift your heart and soothe the soul.  Your sacred message is a download directly from Source through the Akashic records, transcending time and space. Rest assured an online reading brings all the clarity, direction and energetic healing exchange for you to see the light and feel the divine power.

I’m ready to hear my soul’s guidance and evolve with Julianna!

Price €150 


Have questions? 

I’ve got answers!

Sessions last approx. 60 minutes.

Sessions are conducted live online in a private Zoom room or Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.  As an experienced divine messenger a reading with Julianna is a deeply personal experience of divine love.  Her presence brings a wave of celestial loving energy to lift your heart and soothe the soul.  As Julianna receives your sacred message as a download directly from Source, transcending time and space there is no need for you to attend this session in person. Rest assured an online reading brings all the clarity, direction and energetic healing exchange for you to see the light and feel the divine power.

There is no preparation necessary for this sacred session by you. 

Prior to your session, I will prepare a letter with messages from Source for you. This will be emailed to you prior to our session. Please read this letter prior to meeting with me as we will discuss your letter during the session.

Initially, I recommend having a single session. Once we connect, I will be able to let you know what I recommend for your particular situation. I also offer follow on sessions – Soul Realignment sessions to keep you connected to your purpose and power and to clear any energy blocks in your chakra system due to trauma, past hurts or toxic energy in your energy field. 

Soul Reading Sessions Energy Exchange –  €150

Trust that your soul has connected us for a reason. Your soul is always trying to get your attention to guard and guide you. This is an opportunity to sit back and listen to the wisdom of your soul. 

Your soul knows what it wants to guide you with so ask the universe to bring you what you need and trust that it shall be given.  If you wish to ask a specific question regarding a relationship, past loves or soul purpose you can do so on the booking form and I will ask for soul guidance for you in that matter.  

While Julianna understands that life has emergencies and things do come up.  Please, contact the office, by email no later than 48hrs notice if you need to change the time or date of your reading. Readings are non-refundable. 

Still not sure if it's for you. No problem. Let's connect for a discovery call so you can suss it out.

Let's connect with a free disovery call on Zoom

What others have to say

~ Patricia, Nurse


“It was very personal and an accurate account of how I was feeling, and confirmation and acknowledgement that I wasn’t losing my marbles. It gave me direction on the steps I needed to take. I felt supported and loved and in touch with the real me within. This heavenly acknowledgement affirmed, my gifts and now I am advertising my first workshop and I’m excited and curious about where the journey takes me.”  

~ Suzanne, Homemaker


“I booked a reading with Julianna as I was struggling trying to make a decision in my personal life.  I was hoping for some guidance in my relationship. What I got was so much more. Julianna connected the dots between what happened to me and my purpose. The reading reminded me of my self-worth and brought me within to love and cherish myself. It was the greatest gift I could have ever received. I feel blessed to have met her.”