Making sense of the Empath in you - find your soul power

Avoid overwhelm and burnout Take your energy to the next level

  • Are you a sponge absorbing everyone’s emotions? 

    Does your energy swing from hero to zero without warning? 

    Do strangers confide in you, offloading their deepest secrets, leaving you feeling their pain like it’s your own, and longing to fix them? 

    Do you bend over backward to please people, even if it means you are impacting yourself? 

    Do you give your power away in an attempt to find love and belonging?

    If you’re nodding, chances are you’re an empath, absorbing the emotions and energy of others.

    Overwhelm creates an emotional imbalance, anxiety, stress, ill health, and burnout in relationships, at home, and at work.

    It’s time to set the boundaries straight! 

    Everything is energy! This book will give you the know-how to embrace its limitless power with fascinating insight, stories, tools, and techniques to remain grounded and balanced regardless of the situation. You’ll uncover the mind-blowing link between energy, emotions, and your soul, empowering you to be the light you want to see in the world.

  • Take this afternoon workshop to understand yourself and your sensitivities better so you can stay balanced and grounded in crowds, in work and remain in your power in relationships. 
In this workshop, you will learn the following:
  • Everything is energy! This workshop will open the doorway to embrace its limitless power with fascinating insight, stories, tools, and techniques to remain grounded and balanced regardless of the situation.

    You’ll uncover the mind-blowing link between energy, emotions, and your soul, empowering you to be the light you want to see in the world.

Here are some clues that you are an Empath:

  • You are highly sensitive and get overloaded by all the negative emotions in the World and you end up floored, anxious, depressed, fearful. exhausted or stuck in negative thinking for no apparent reason 
  • Need guidance on the ways in which energy affects you so you don’t burnout. You need to learn to cut the cords and not bring that energy home with you
  • Soak up energy like a sponge and walk away from friends or family feeling low or zapped drained and flattened 
  • Your energy wavers going from help to zero without warning and you can’t tell if it’s your own or someone else’s
  • You hear a story and cry for others as you can feel their feelings and the news can leave you feeling emotionally/physically contaminated. 
  • Your gut feeling that are spot on but your scared to trust them
  • People offload on you and you end up feeling worried about your clients reliving their story in your head afterwards
  • You feel a precious connection to energy, spirit and angels that you long to deepen
  • You sound confident but struggle with a lack of self-confidence and feel unworthy of your gift

If you’re nodding your head, these are all signs and symptoms that you are an empath, with possible heavy energy in your solar plexus chakra holding your energy stuck and affecting your emotional and mental wellbeing as well.

Being a sponge and soaking up toxic energy that’s not yours is no fun and damaging!!!

Imagine if there was a way to stop the following things from happening to you:

  • Having to spend money going for energy sessions cause your energy goes so low
  • Watching others moving forward in life but your still stuck
  • Being emotionally affected by the moon and ending up in bed 
  • Finding it hard to handle manipulative behaviour and narcissists.
  • Undervaluing your healing gift
  • Putting yourself last as other people needs seem more important

Look, the walk I walked is no walk in the park. And becoming who I am today has been a bumpy journey. I am an Empath too….


What I learned was I was never intended to banish them, I was intended to embrace them and learn to work with them, balance and nurturing myself through ritual, self-care tools and technique that worked for me.


Over time I investigated ways of healing the empathic healer in me so I could do my work and come home and be with my family without feeling wiped out. I tacked my tendency to transmute and allow energy transfer to control me. Day by day by putting in the work, and constantly learning and practicing more and more about grounding, protection, meditating I learnt that my energy was my currency and how to spend it wisely so I didn’t burnout. This is the freedom I want for you too.


What will I learn in this class?

During this Masterclass I’ll guide you to use the following powerful daily tools and simple techniques to empower you:
Each day you’ll receive a profound spiritual message from Source to deepen your understanding of your empathic healing super power 

What’s a highly sensitive person (Empath)? 

    • The traits of a highly sensitive person and how it affects your mood and energy
    • Managing empathic Anxiety to avoid empathic anxiety and feeling like a victim
    • What grounding means to protect yourself instantly wherever and whenever
    • Energy clearing and protection excercises to help combat energetic overwhelm
  • 4 Steps to turn your sensitivity into your superpower 

Where and when is this taking place?
May TBC Time to 12 noon to 4.00 pm Teeth Whitening Fairies
199 Crumlin Rd, Drimnagh, Dublin 12, D12 YHH6

What can I expect?

The course material is gifted to me as channel by Source aka the ‘Upstairs Crew’, so that I can share it with you. It contains new ground-breaking tools and techniques that you can use immediately .  The work we do together will give you a newfound freedom, which will allow you to:

Receive an authentic awakening to higher spiritual intelligence, offering transformational concepts, inspiring ideas, spiritual truths about your empathic nature. The teachings will:

  • Understand your empathic temperament
  • Gain the confidence you have been searching for
  • Find an energetic tool box you can trust 
  • Take your power back in your life
  • Own your truth and finding the self-confidence to dare to shine

This course offers simple tools and techniques to relieve these symptoms and help you to trust your spiritual gifts, share your healing gifts without feeling overloaded, inadequate or overwhelmed – feel grounded, protected and share your gifts with the world! 

Cost, of course, €100 Pay deposit of €50 now and remainder payable on the day


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