Julianna Jay -
A heartwarming inspirational Teacher

 Julianna shares motivational messages that lift the heart and soothe the soul. Being in the presence of Julianna is sure to illuminate and inspire an authentic, soulful life.

Julianna is a regular guest speaker on podcasts and live public speaking events. Have a look below at upcoming events near you!

Julianna Jay -
A heartwarming inspirational Speaker

 Julianna shares motivational messages that lift the heart and soothe the soul. Being in the presence of Julianna is sure to illuminate and inspire an authentic, soulful life.

Julianna is a regular guest speaker on podcasts and live public speaking events. Have a look below at upcoming events near you!

Managing Emotions: Healthy Boundaries for Empaths


Angelworld Sligo June 3rd 10 am to 4.15 pm 


Ø Are you a sponge absorbing everyone’s emotions?


Ø Does your energy go from hero to zero without warning?

Ø Do strangers confide in you sharing their deepest secrets?

Ø Do you feel their pain like it’s your own and long to fix them?


Ø If you’re nodding, chances are you’re empathic, absorbing the emotions and energy of others.


Ø Overwhelming in the energy field creates an emotional and sensory overload, leading to anxiety, stress, and compassionate burnout. 


In this one-day workshop with Julianna Jay – The Empath Coach, you will learn the tools to move from surviving and feeling drained to thriving in healthy relationships at work, home, and relationships. She will share her insight, wisdom, stories of challenges, and vital energy-saving tools to overcome the anxiety, stress, depression, and fear associated with your emotional sensitivity.


Where are these taking place?


Angel and Gift World Sligo  Sat June 3rd, 2023


Here’s what to expect. You will:


*    Learn how to use breathwork to ground, raising your vibration to protect yourself.


  • Identify your core values and stop giving yourself away to those who do not respect or value you.
  • Use experiential tools and techniques to avoid burnout from energy overload.
  • Shake off feeling alone and learn to work with your guides.
  • Understand your triggers – learn coping strategies to manage those who un-nerve you.


The techniques and processes experienced in this transformative workshop will permit you to experience increased freedom from:

Excessive sensitivity to the energy and emotions of others
People pleasing, giving, and giving to the wrong people.
The intimidation of crowds and individuals and feeling TOO MUCH



You are on a deep quest to find yourself. Your soul knows the answers – Julianna Jay can show you the way!


The truth is what is happening to you is not a mistake. You are changing. And you are meant to change physically, spiritually, physiologically, and emotionally. Your challenge is to manage the change within you. You are awakening. You’re awakening to who you truly are at a soul level and living your soul purpose.



Your vital soul-searching questions “of why me” will lead to finding your true path and re-emerging as your true self to claim your destiny. If you are ready, I’m your intuitive teacher to help you find clarity, purpose, and well-being. 


About Julianna


After listening to hearts and guiding spiritual women into the purpose for over ten years as a soul reader, healer, and empath coach, I recognize that this spiritual path opens your sensitivity and the floodgates of emotions and empathy.

If this is not managed, it can feel soul-destroying. Managing it can lead you to re-igniting your spark and leaving a legacy. I’ve found my way to follow my gut feelings by connecting with my guides, which has enriched my life. I’m here to share all the golden nuggets I have found so you can move from surviving to thriving and feeling in your own skin. 


Teaching people to manage their emotions and embrace a holistic approach to their health and well-being has brought me a fountain of knowledge and solutions that work, and I’d love to share them with you. 


My prayer is that my professional experience will show you how to reclaim that destiny in ways that inspire you to embrace a steady transition through this phase where you feel empowered, courageous, and adventurous.


 After giving, giving, giving, it’s time to put yourself 1st, invest in your health, educate yourself on what is happening, and start embracing this next step in the story of your life on this mystical journey as the powerhouse I know you are. If you are ready, I’m here to guide you.


You will leave with a deep feeling of “being informed,” with clarity and direction in your life. You’ll feel grounded and empowered with practical tools and techniques you can use at home to bring that spark alive in you again so you can shine bright like the diamond you indeed are.


Workshop Times 10 am to 4 pm




Here’s what former clients had to say.  


I found this training and teachings powerful. I was struggling with a bully at work and felt worn down and exhausted. I felt I had no option but to leave work. I came to the workshop and it transformed my perception of things completely. It gave me the tools I needed to manage me on a daily basis.  I understand myself better now know I can protect myself, – I didn’t realise I wasn’t, or that I needed to do. It’s been a gift! Thank you Julianna  from Gretti

 I was struggling with my relationship and was finding myself completely overwhelmed and I felt we were falling apart. I had no ideas of my values and had weak or non existent boundaries so I was not communicating my needs. I found course really has grounded me and gave me the resources to protect myself, which I had lapsed in doing. I am finding my strength and gaining back my power to face things instead of remaining quiet and overthinking everything. We are working things out as they come up. I am feeling much stronger in myself because of it.

Thank you, Julianna 💕 Mary 
Hello Julianna, I’m so grateful for this course’s wonderful resources in understanding the Empath in me. I was having difficulty connecting with my family and constantly felt like my needs were overlooked and like I was a doormat, which hurt me and made me feel isolated and alone. The language of the course resonated hugely, and I have implemented rituals you taught that have made all the difference. Learning how to protect your energy and the toolbox  of self care has reduced my social anxiety and allowed me to cope emotionally and things are not affecting me like they used to. Thanks for everything Regards Sarah

 It’s time to take action. Let me support you and show you how. 



Full price of the day €150 –  booking deposit of €30.


~ Karen, Psychotherapist

I’ve never had any boundaries and I now realise I was giving my power away at work. I just had no idea of my values and that allowed others to walk on me. No more. I am using the tools and I feel so much stronger and I don’t have to hide anymore. 

~ Eilis, Teacher


“Julianna’s words were soul-enriching that  I cried . She was so full of knowledge and wisdom with heaps of ‘ahha’ moments. Her words spread over us all like wings of love touching everyone in the most personal way. I smile as I remember how she made me feel.”

~ Kathleen - Leadership Coach


 The course has grounded me and given me the resources to protect myself, which I had lapsed in doing, and  I was utterly burnt out. I am finding my strength and gaining back my power, and I feel much stronger in myself because of it.


If you’d like Julianna to share her insights around a particular topic, please share your ideas with us. 


Julianna intrigues and challenges her audience with transformational concepts, inspiring ideas, and truths that will draw you into wondrous states of deep reflection on the importance of being authentic and navigating your emotions to reduce overwhelm and re-ignite the creative spark within you. Julianna shares her humour, logic, deeply personal experience of self-sabotage, challenges and valuable gift of being an empath in the global corporate arena and as a healer. Her presence brings waves of empowerment, inspiration and potent energy to lift your event and soothe the collective soul. 

If you would like to book Julianna to speak at your upcoming event some topic Ideas Include:

  • Your intuition the greatest resource in life. Learn how to use it
  • Manage anxiety and overwhelm in the workplace 
  • Fostering a culture of empathy in the workplace & the world 


Hear what audience members have to say about Julianna’s Inspirational Soul sharing

~ Monica, Wellness Coach


“Julianna’s words are divine and as she speaks your heart is greeted with pure love, non-judgment for where you are on your journey. I often close my eyes as she speaks and I let the wave of potent energy soothe my soul. When I listen, I learn so much more about my own emotions helping me to feel more normal and inspire me to be kinder to others. Julianna sees the best version of all she meets and is a true earth angel for the light here on earth.”