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Forever grateful....
This course transformed my life and my Relationship with my partner and mother. I feel I can speak and breathe again

  • Do you experience one or more of these scenarios? You fear being ridiculed or are worried you’ll offend someone close to you but feel silenced of even bullied and unable to stand up for yourself !

  • Do you struggle to find the right words to say, particularly when you’re scared of losing something or someone if you get it wrong so you end up walking on egg shells.

  • You’ve lost promotions or stayed longer than you should have in work situations and relationships that feel meaningless when your soul is calling you elsewhere to live your life’s purpose.

  • You’re scared of putting yourself out there in your spiritual work and life as you feel you’ll be judged and talked about.

  • When relating to others, do you often feel isolated, unheard, low and misunderstood. It’s like you do all the listening and nobody seems to value your thoughts or enquire about your emotions

If you’re nodding your head, these are all signs and symptoms that your throat Chakra could be blocked, holding your energy stuck from inner child issues, bullying or a traumatic or narcissistic relationships that has taken your confidence to speak up yourself away from you. When this happens, you’re likely to experience frustration or even terror and the thought of speaking up and expressing your feelings.

Imagine if there was a way to stop the following things from happening when you speak:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Excessive blushing and embarrassment 
  • Struggling to find the right words to convey your message 
  • Timidity/shyness
  • Fear 
  • Finding it hard to handle manipulative behavior.
  • Excessive talking or talking too quickly.
  • Going blank mid-sentence losing your train of thought.
On top of that, you’ve probably experienced one or more of these ailments too?
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Hearing problems
  • Tonsillitis 
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Tinnitus
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma 
  • Ear infections
  • Teeth grinding at night

These symptoms are your Soul crying out for balance.

When your Throat Chakra is blocked or holds energy stuck it can affect your emotional and mental wellbeing as well.

Are you ready to say what you mean and mean what you say with confidence and conviction?

Now hear me out, and if it’s your first time interacting with my courses then you’re in for a treat because there is a way to relieve these symptoms and help you to speak your truth confidently and authentically…

Your soul wishes to speak freely. It longs to have balanced energy flow through the body. An open throat Chakra allows you to express your truths, as well as listen to your inner voices.

Presenting you with the 


Help your soul speak up without feeling inadequate or overwhelmed.

Look, the walk I walked is no walk in the park. And becoming who I am today has been a bumpy journey…



“All my life I've hated confrontation of any kind. Sometimes I can feel it coming before anything is said or done and I always run for the hills I'd literally do anything to avoid confrontation. Because of this I've been walked on, taken advantage of, ignored and more. A situation that has left me sad, angry, frustrated and often unloved and unappreciated. Yesterday evening a friend Attacked ME over something another friend is doing and made untrue accusations against me. My normal response would be to clam up go inward go quiet and wait for her anger to subside and then quietly pretend nothing had happened so that I could keep her friendship on the inside I would have shrivelled up and died been sad and spent days and days of overthinking the situation and wondering what I could have done differently ....But INSTEAD without over thinking I immediately found myself gently saying. ‘Hang on a second I know you're angry but there is no need to attack me’ and in the gentlest way I stood up for myself while absolutely being a good friend. I suppose what I realise now this morning after a peaceful night's sleep (no-over thinking) is that all of this work we have been doing the last 14 days has given me the greatest gift of all SELF LOVE and the tools to replenish myself and fill up my own cup. I will always be grateful for this lesson. It’s not about who has the loudest voice but rather love and truth will shine a light on every situation.”

~ Fiona

“Have been tested over the last few days & am standing in my own power from a position of integrity. Life changing moment.”

~ Daphne

“Thank you, Julianna, I'm really finding value with the discipline of this course every day very beneficial and seeing clearly how it's helping me stay grounded right now. I am no longer a door mat without a voice”

~ Anne

“I loved my daily messages, affirmations and inspiration. I Its' like each message you give is specifically for me as it speaks to my soul. I learn so much about myself and find myself changing. I am speaking up for myself where I know I need to. I am releasing so many old hurts that have caused me years of anguish. I am finding my balance and being able to re-root and remain calm and clear when I speak up. I find the soul to sole alignment technique has helped me ground before I leave my bed in the morning. .”

~ David

But what has my bumpy journey got to do with your journey?

As you can imagine speaking as a Universal messenger made me feel so uncomfortable. I knew my message had the power to change lives (as I have witnessed this time and time again) but when it came to sharing the intuitive hits and messages, feeling terrified I would try to push them down or banish them. My mouth would dry up, my stomach would churn and I would shake hoping the ground would swallow me up. I was scared of judgment. My connection with the divine and the angels was personal and important to me and I was scared of being made feel ridiculous and like a fraud, as the messages tried to birth through me. 

Over time I tackled these fears one by one, putting in the workday and night, and constantly being outside of my comfort zone. Those who hear my messages would end up usually crying in appreciation or hugging me. Saying that they appreciate my honesty and integrity and that I touched their hearts. 

Speaking from the heart and soul has allowed me to speak out and made me stronger each day, and this is the type of freedom of speech that I wish for you too. 

It’s time to clean, clear and swing that soul’s gate wide open. Following my guidance, your throat will start to respond to your intention and will start healing itself. 

What is the Masterclass?


It’s a 14-Day Masterclass to bring healing and alignment in a truly transformative way at a cellular level.

This guided online experience will heal you allowing you to drop the emotional baggage that you’ve been carrying so that you can say what you mean and impact others.


The Throat Chakra opens our soul’s gate and allows us to speak from the heart to connect deeply with others. This chakra is the seat of self-expression and can be viewed as a crossroads of the heart and the head — serving as a mediator between emotions and thoughts. 

The challenge of clearing the Throat Chakra for you is in learning how to trust your own voice while learning to speak your truth in the external world and having faith in your message. A person with a balanced Throat Chakra is able to express themselves well and feels free to say what they have to say without diluting their message leaving their legacy on earth.

How does the Masterclass work?

During this Masterclass I’ll guide you to use the following powerful meditations and reflections and simple techniques to align and cleanse the throat Chakra:

The work we do together will give you a newfound freedom, which will allow you to: 

  • Heal relationships where you have felt you do not have a voice at home or work or friendships 
  • Gain the confidence and freedom of speech you have been searching for
  • Say what you mean, without apologizing or taking it back to keep the peace
  • Take your power back in your life
  • Bring your message out to the world. 
  • Own your truth and finding the self-confidence to dare to shine

During this Masterclass I’ll guide you to use the following powerful meditations and reflections and simple techniques to align and cleanse the throat Chakra:

The work we do together will give you a newfound freedom, which will allow you to: 

What’s included in the Masterclass?

Each day you’ll receive a profound spiritual message to guide your healing and deepen your understanding of this power centre. 


Day 1:  Opening sacred space and intension setting with healing meditation

Day 2:  Exploring the physical anatomy of the voice box

Day 3:   Taming the triggers from inner child trauma

Day 4:   Light and colour vibration

Day 5:   Nurturring foods to heal the voice box

Day 6:   Sound vibration healing & the power of mantras
Day 7:   Learning to say No with confidence

Day 8:   Divine intervention to banish the fear of speaking our truth

Day 9:   Working powerfully with the ‘I am’ presence

DAY 11: A guiding hand and technique to convey your message

Day 12:  Learning when to say sorry

Day 13:  Purifying the voice box

Day 14:  Re-gaining your mojo

What are the benefits of the Masterclass?

The course material was gifted to me from the ‘Upstairs Crew’, so that I can share it with you. Through this you will receive an authentic awakening to higher spiritual intelligence, offering transformational concepts, inspiring ideas, spiritual truths and sacred mysteries that draw you into wondrous states of deep reflection about your spirit and the power you have to redirect your life within a given moment. Many feel a deep presence of celestial light bringing a wave of celestial loving energy to lift your healing and soothe your soul.  


an online Master class allowing easy access to video tutorials

This Master class will take place online through the website allowing easy access to video tutorials.

Once you purchase this program you have a lifetime membership. 


  • This self-paced spiritual development course is a life-changing experience.
  • Your time commitment daily will be 20 minutes per day which can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • Videos are pre-recorded for your convenience so you can do your mediation and enjoy your daily wisdom and teachings anytime and anywhere.  

Commitment to your healing program is vital. However if you miss a day don’t worry as you can follow this program at your own pace and playing them in the comfort of your own space and leisure time.

There is lifetime access to this course material so you can come back and back to the wisdom contained in it as you bloom and grow.


Price  €300 Limited offer €179




Don’t take my word for it. Hear it from the people who have experienced the soul shifts first hand… 


“When I first met Julianna, I had stepped from corporate into a completely new career path in healing. Although I knew deep in my heart that this was the right move for me, I was consumed with the uncertainty of it and whether I would be able to survive to do the work that my soul was calling me to do. I desperately needed reassurance that all was going to be ok and that I was definitely on the right road. Julianna’s message was so comforting. These sacred words have sustained me through many periods of failing confidence and uncertainty. and I am most grateful for the divine letter and her guidance.”

~ Alice, CEO Axis Energy Healing


“It’s been a pleasure exploring how to express my voice to the outer world with the help of the great guides above.”

~ Aron


“Today I went into solicitor's office and asked for an estimate of legal fees for divorce. I told them that I did not want another appointment as every appointment so far, I have asked and still I have not received an estimate. Time to stand in my power and stop giving it away. Powerful transformation. Standing up for the little girl inside. Thank you all for sharing this Throat chakra healing, and thank you. Much love.”

~Ann, role, business title

I’m ready to stand up and speak my truth! Cost, of course, €300

Avail of Special offer €150 Til July 6th


You want to feel free to say what you have to say so you can leave your legacy on earth.

Say YES to this self paced transformative journey into healing to find your voice and express your soul?

EUR 150 Til July 6th

Regular Price EUR 300

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Register for Reclaim Your Voice - Regain Your Confidence

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Register for Reclaim Your Voice - Regain Your Confidence

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Register for Reclaim Your Voice - Regain Your Confidence

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