Soul Mentoring with Julianna Jay

Soul mentoring creates ripple effects, inner peace & joy

When we work together we work with the support of your infinite soul guidance. We work out what’s holding you back from getting everything you want in life?

When we work together a beautiful ripple effect is created.  This ripple effect allows the benefits of us working together to expand to your friends, your family and colleagues. 

Soul mentoring provides the road map and the miracle grow you need to accelerate your soul growth with ease and grace. Soul mentoring is offered as a follow on program to your signpost from the soul session. The reason for this is simple. The signpost letter from the soul session offers the infinite wisdom on where your soul is leading you in your relationships and deeper soul work serving mankind. When we know what path our souls wishes us to follow it gives the clarity to do the work dropping the layers and showing up freely as your true soul self. 

Meeting yourself at those crossroads can be challenging and bring up old wounds and feelings of inadequacy, fear and doubt. My deepest desire for you is that with professional mentoring, a heavy sprinkle of faith, and the loving empathic support of someone who you can trust you will feel empowered and able to take the series of guided small steps (one step at a time) you need to live as the REAL you sharing your love and light on this sacred earth. 

Follow your true soul story - The life you came here for

Upgrade and move to a higher vibration

I just don’t work for your challenge – I also focus on the energetic vibration and cords holding you back. This accelerates your growth uplifting & upgrading your life holistically to the next level moving you from fear to trust in the Universe. You trusting me with your story as your soul mentor in such a priviledge for I feel trust is the precursor of love. 

Reach beyond the shadows and patterns of belief and conditioning. For there is the dwell of inner peace. Living and loving life as “The Real Me”

Feeling stuck or being incapable of doing something or achieving something

is not due to a lack of skills or capacity

It is always due to the negative beliefs and the energy that entered and stayed in your subconscious or conscious mind

 with or Without asking for your permission

And This Is the Reason I Have Developed Soul Mentoring

That Focuses on last Soul-utions that feed your soul.

  • Listening to your body whispers buried underneath the problem
  • Sensing blocked energies inside the body and releasing them for your highest good and under the law of grace. 
  • Hitting the root cause of the problem or disease or the condition that is holding you back rather than treating the symptoms that the problem is showcasing.
  • Implementing various energy tools and techniques to manage the overwhelm of change calmly in divine timing
  • Doing all you do with love and light focused on creating a life of contribution where you live, love and matter. 

Soul mentoring is a vital step in:

  • Inspiring Drastic Transformation to enhance your self worth & wellbeing
  • Encouraging you to Become The person you always wanted to be
  • Helping to feel heard and healed to say what you mean – sharing your message with conviction
  • Helping you to find love & meaningful relationships in your life again
  • Helping you to achieve the results you are seeking instead of feeling like a failure, overlooked or left behind. 
  • Helping you to get rid of the anxiety and feeling of being stuck and paralysed by fear so you can take the shine your light as your TRUE self

4 Sessions of Ongoing Soul mentoring

Let me walk with you through this crossroads with a guiding hand you can trust

Session 1

The clarity & intension session

We will chose the area of your lofe you wish to make changes in .

We ask for guidance from your soul to overcome these challenges

Session 2

The soul counselling session

We indentify and discuss the challenges and blocks you perceive on your path.

We ask for guidance from your soul to overcome these challenges

Session 3

The inner child healing session

We ask for guidance from your soul to highlight the causes of childhood tauma for you and where the energy is held

We invoke inner healing for the inner child self-worth wounds relating to the challenge you wish to overcome

Session 4

The soul healing session

We do a sacred distance energy clearing of the aura and cutting any cords that stands in your path of true alignment. We recap on the work you have done in our sessions asking for soul guidance closing with a gratitude cermemony

Start Treating Yourself as the person you would love to become, Because how you treat yourself is the Mirror of what you will achieve in the future