Soul Mentoring with Julianna Jay

An insight into Soul Mentoring

Firstly, thank you for sharing your story with me and trusting me as your soul reader. 

You will now appreciate that your Signpost from the soul letter offers you true guidance and the chance to drop the layers of self-doubt to show up freely as your true soul self. Now enjoy seeing the signs appearing everywhere to show you that you are on the right path. This is an ideal time to harness that momentum and allow the energy of manifestation to flow freely. Working with me as a soul mentor will provide a mind, body, and soul mentoring approach that will show you the road map needed to realise your soul mission. Working with me a s a soul healer, together we will remove the energetic road blocks, and old beliefs that are holding you back and sabotaging your alignment with your true calling. 

I believe in you and want this to work for you. I promise to open a steady channel with your guides during every session so we can deepen your intuition brining clarity, support and direction moving step by step to make manifest your true soul path. 

We will start with six soul sessions lasting between 90-120 minutes per session on Zoom. The last session will culminate with a follow-up signpost from the soul letter. 


You are ready to align with your soul vision, and I would love to support you in creating this vision so you can live a life of meaning and purpose. As we  work together we move mountains and a beautiful ripple effect is created. 

Soul mentoring provides the road map and the miracle growth you need to accelerate your soul growth with ease and grace. 

Upgrade and move to a higher vibration

It is time to move from fear to trust. I am here to focus on the energetic vibration and the cords holding you back. You are ready to accelerates your growth uplifting & upgrading your life to the next level.

Reach beyond the shadows and patterns of belief and conditioning. For there is the dwell of inner peace. Living and loving life as “The Real Me”

Soul mentoring is a vital step in:

  • Inspiring Drastic Transformation to enhance your self worth & wellbeing
  • Encouraging you to Become The person you always wanted to be
  • Helping to feel heard and healed to say what you mean – sharing your message with conviction
  • Helping you to find love & meaningful relationships in your life again
  • Helping you to achieve the results you are seeking instead of feeling like a failure, overlooked or left behind. 
  • Helping you to get rid of the anxiety and feeling of being stuck and paralysed by fear so you can take the shine your light as your TRUE self

Start Treating Yourself as the person you would love to become, Because how you treat yourself is the Mirror of what you will achieve in the future