The Soul Lens

The Soul Lens is a profound collection of Angelic writings that will connect you to your soul and your Angels, allowing them to speak directly into your heart. Each of the 12 Archangels guards and guides us in different ways. This book acts like an oracle as a powerful spiritual tool to support you in embracing your purpose and living a high-vibe life. Pick a random page each day, and like magic, you will be guided to the message you need and which angel to call on to bring you the help and assistance you need. It is laced with divine messages which shine a light on the meaning of life, offering manna from heaven for curious souls who are passionate about following and understanding the true journey to Enlightenment and Spiritual transformation. The Universal truths provide a bridge between heaven and earth to bring you deeper, offering you the bigger picture to find while activating the flow of spiritual energies to raise your vibration.
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Listen to the video to hear me read from “The Soul Lens,” Archangel Gabriel’s message of hope for you!
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~ Patricia, Nurse

This book sits beside in my bed

“Julianna, this book is precious. The words soothe me when I read them. I have read it cover to cover and loved the channeled pieces. Now I use it like an oracle and flick a page morning and evening and it always reflects how I’m feeling and the words inspire me and lift me into hope again.” 

This book provides inspiration and empowerment at the crossroads of life when you are entering times of great change to release the fear of facing the future. The angelic words offer truth and hope and soothe the soul. You may use it to prepare yourself to enter a meditative state as the energy codes within raise your vibration. As a soul seeker it helps you to get insight and a 360 degree look at what is going. This gem provides emotional and powerful words that enhance the serenity of the reader and connects them deeply with the soul and allows them to get to know their angels so they can call on them for help daily.

~ Suzanne, HomemakerAnn


This book is so unique to me. I leave it beside my bed. Somehow the messages are like using an oracle deck. I set my intention and flick the page each day to allow the book to show me what message I need to hear as guidance for my day ahead. It is like my little bible of daily inspiration. It is affirming and lifts my spirits. 

About Julianna

 Julianna Jay is a new thought leader and educator for soul seekers who want to hear heavenly guidance on life’s big questions. As a channel for Source, these Angelic downloads offer a 360-degree vision of the journey of the soul, shining a light on the meaning of life. Allow these words to enchant you with messages of hope and inspiration, illuminating your sacred path and cultivating faith in the divine order that governs your life in this age of awakening.

~ Sophie


I read this book to my mother when she was unconscious. I felt the words gave her messages of hope to cling to. Now that she is in recovery, I read a passage to her daily, and she smiles. I know the words bring her peace. It has become a precious part of our journey through her illness together as Mother and daughter.