The Soul School

The Soul School provides classes, retreats and meditations to bring you the tools and techniques required to thrive in this human masterclass that we call LIFE.

What students say
Empowering The Authentic You

I facilitate online classes to help empaths manage emotional well-being and enhance their intuition. I pour my heart and soul and jam-pack the training offering powerful and practical tips that can be instantly used. People worldwide frequently tell me that this training alone has changed their lives. The courses on offer are:


  • <p “=””>We truly explore practical ways of overcoming the real challenges for an empath which kill joy and happiness and leave us feeling. Lost, used and purposeless and drained. The self-sabotaging traits I can help you to overcome include:

    <p”>♥ The need to fix everything.</p”>

    <p “=””>♥ Lack of boundaries in relationships

    <p”>♥ People pleasing and feeling used.</p”>

    <p “=””>♥ Compassionate burnout and exhaustion <p “=””>♥ Self-sabotage in the workplace and feeling unheard and unrecognised

    <span “=””>♥ Re-occurring patterns of toxic relationships playing out in your life with you, the empath attracting narcissists.

All courses are online masterclasses, so you could benefit from what many students and I have learnt. You can apply these tips to change your life now and forever, contributing to changing the world and living your highest potential. Doing this soul work will:

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  • Energise you to feel passionate and inspired by your work.
  • Offer the tools to support your clients and family in a balanced and grounded way without the risk of burnout, emotional overwhelm or feeling used.
  • Become clear on which relationships/friendships are serving you and which ones you can let go of at a soul level as they no longer do your soul.
  • Enhance your intuitive gifts so you can be your guru, making sense of the feelings and random intuitive hits and genuinely follow your path
  • Healing the disease to please and feelings of abandonment, energetic overwhelm and anxiety; keep coming up to lead a soulful life of love and light.

 These are the dynamic courses on offer:online 

My teachings bring you simple practical tools to embrace and work with your intuitive gifts with ease and grace and pride

Reclaim your voice- regain your confidence
online program

Empowered empaths training for lightworkers
online program


12 Step Empowerment program - Evolve on purpose




“Today I went into solicitor’s office and asked for an estimate of legal fees for divorce. I told them that I did not want another appointment as every appointment so far, I have asked and still I have not received an estimate. Time to stand in my power and stop giving it away.

Powerful transformation. Standing up for the little girl inside.

Thank you all for sharing this Throat chakra healing, and thank you. Much love.” Ann, role, business title 


“It’s been a pleasure exploring how to express my voice to the outer world with the help of the great guides above.” Aron


You are not alone. I am here to support you now


Being stuck and frustrated isn’t serving you on any level and is stopping you from stepping into the life that you want to be living…. I’ve delivered this training now for so many others just like you and I KNOW that they have life-changing results.

If you’ve found this message today and feel pulled to finally get clear and come back into alignment with your soul, have a look at my the online course on offer.

When you awaken to Universal energy, your intuition is your GPS. Though I know you want to listen to your gut to guide your life, at times the mind gets in the way and tries to hold you stuck and confined in old patterns of thinking and brings you into paralysing fear as you try to make decisions to move forward.

This can be so overwhelming and confusing and can bring you down. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your inner guidance is all “in your head” or the real truth. Intuition is like a muscle, and you need to train yourself to tune in and clear the mind to truly listen to the inner voice of your soul. Most of the time you can trust your gut to guide you. However, at the major crossroads, you face on the path in relationships, career and life choices, you can get all caught up in your head and in the mind chatter and you can feel completely disconnected from your inner knowing

Do you intuitively “know” things, naturally read energy on entering a room or take on the emotions of others?
Does your psyche experience overwhelm in certain situations?

To live your life in harmony and true abundance you must keep your aura cleansed and clear on a daily basis. This powerful meditation is what I use to clear my aura and it is my pleasure to share this with you for free.