Soul Transmission Healing
the Inner Child with the Divine Mother 8.30 pm Mother's Day this Sunday


The Great Mother hears your yearning for peace. She is inviting you this soul transmission on Zoom to let her co-coon you in a mothering embrace to heal you into self love. She is urging you to love the unloved parts of your self  This soul transmission will integrate the inner child so you can raise your vibration. It offers a calling to go within and find inner peace and gratitude in the arms of the healing angels.

We will take the time to gather as a community of angel lovers who wish to extend the candle of love, light, and hope out to the world. 

So what can you expect?

·  This evening will raise your spirit in soulful reflection on creating a stable in our hearts to invite in the angels and Mother Mary. The messages will be channeled through Julianna into your heart from the Divine Mother

·  Many messages of empowerment will be delivered into your heart to allow an attitude of gratitude for the year. 


  1. A chance to hear and connect with Source. I will enter a higher state of consciousness, working to channel a profound message from the Source, which will shift your energy into alignment. Lie back and receive these enlightening words like a deep meditation with the angels of love and light
  2. A Contemplative space to find answers The channeled meditation will bring you into the temple of your soul, opening you to a powerful expanded consciousness.  You will have a questions and answers session where you can speak directly to Julianna to get answers to the more significant questions that this deep meditation brings up for you on Zoom 

If you can’t attend in person, you will receive an emailed recording to enjoy over and over again.

So what is a Soul Transmission?

I channel in a Live meditative healing session where you will lie down and receive Source energy from the soul.

Those who attended reported profound visions, insights, and healings through a release of stuck energy and a wonderful sense of inner peace falling on them.


Where will this healing take place?

It will take place on Zoom on Sunday, 19thof March, 2023, from 8.30 pm – 10.00 pm GMT
The transmission will last roughly 30 mins. We will open a sacred space for you to ask your questions from Source for a further half an hour. Holding space as the healing vessel is powerful. Each person who spoke received their personal empowering and loving signpost from the soul to help them make sense of how they were feeling. It was such a moving experience for me as a channel.

How do I join?

Please register for this Soul Transmission event, and I will send you an email with the Zoom link on Thursday, so you will all be set to enjoy this sacred time with Source. 

The investment is €25 


What if I can't attend?

If you register for the event but cannot attend, I will record the session and send it to you so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

About Julianna

 Julianna Jay is a new thought leader and educator for soul seekers who want to hear heavenly guidance on life’s big questions. As a channel for Source, these Angelic downloads offer a 360-degree vision of the journey of the soul shining a light on the meaning of life. Allow these words to enchant you with messages of hope and inspiration illuminating your sacred path; cultivating a faith in the divine order that governs your life in this age of awakening.